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DevOps for Mainframe or the Tale of the Unicorns


No one believed in our fairy tale for a long time. To integrate and automate a development lifecycle for a variety of teams that have been working by their own sets of rules for a decade seemed to be an "everybody talks about it, but no one has seen" type of problem. Armed with a few not so well integrated tools, the team felt an urge to build a one push button CI/CD pipeline for Z applications. This story is about finding a common concept, aligning the efforts of all specialists involved in the development lifecycle, and proving that mainframe can fly. You just need to find a few unicorns.



Stream: 101
Room: Suzuka
Time: 12:00 - 13:00


  • Yuliya Varonina at IBA Group
  • Yuliya has been working at IBA Group since 2017, her current position being DevOps & Test Automation Engineer. She is engaged in Z stack development, DevOps building, agile engineering, and test automation. In addition, Yuliya is a Scrum Master and an active conference speaker. Last year, she solved problems of building and testing backend and infrastructure of z teams and created CI with related infrastructure for a complex mainframe system that included C, Java, DB2, and TWSz.


  • Tatsiana Ihnashchenka at IBA Group
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