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Making the Mainframe a Millennial Magnet: Dev in DevOps, Brightside Zowe and more


In this session, Gerald will explain how we make life easier for everyone by empowering development teams to work across siloes and use a common set of cross-enterprise tools across the software delivery lifecycle, from plan, build and test to deploy, operate and secure. This drives improved software quality, faster time to market and increased developer productivity.



Stream: 101
Room: Suzuka
Time: 11:45 - 12:45


  • Gerald Pfeiffer at Broadcom
  • Starting IT 1984 as an Application Developer, became later a Project Leader and a System Analyst in several companies. 1997 I moved to the ISV part of the business in several roles as PreSales, head of PreSales, head of PreSales Enterprise Systems as well as my responsibility for presales, Postsales, consultants and sales engineering as a Manager Solution Delivery.
    My full life in IT, I worked in/for Development.
    Coding, Debugging, Testing, Automation, Data Privacy and Performance Management.

    Since a few years, I focus on DevOps and Mainframe Modernization



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