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A Cloud Native Development Experience for IBM Z


Have you ever wondered, if you could use the popular IDE's such as Microsoft Visual Studio Code or Eclipse Che to develop applications seamlessly across platforms and programming languages for IBM Z? Do you wish that you never have to spend hours/days in setting up a development environment and wish you could share your workspace with your peers easily and in a secure fashion?  Are you tired of using the green screen editors for your day to day work? This session is for you!

Come to our session and learn how you can explore the mainframe without ever firing up a green screen. Learn how to leverage some of our newest capabilities such as "IBM Z Open Editor - A Microsoft Visual Studio Code extension" to edit and debug your COBOL and PL/I programs. See how you can configure Eclipse Che - a Kubernetes-native cloud IDE and developer collaboration platform built for teams and organizations. In this session we are going to demonstrate how to deploy and use Eclipse Che on Openshift. We will be showing you how to use pre-built/custom stacks leveraging our custom Theia IDE, Visual Studio Code extensions and custom templates for workspaces. You will walk away from this session learning several cool features of Eclipse Che and understand the various new capabilities from IBM that will get you started on a cloud native development journey for IBM Z. We will also introduce you to, an open source project that develops modern graphical tools and APIs allowing you to manage and develop mainframe applications directly from your Macs or PCs. Learn how our modern IDE capabilities are powered by Zowe.


Stream: New Technologies
Room: Hockenheim
Time: 16:30 - 17:30


  • Amit Tolmare at IBM USA
  • Amit Tolmare joined IBM in 2004 after completing a Master's degree in Computer Science and since then has also achieved a MBA degree. He has taken various leadership and management roles in the Software Development and Product Management spectrum at IBM. His past experiences vary in several different areas of IBM from Content Management, Data & AI to IBM Systems. He has worked with several large clients as their lab advocate and has been a champion for client success. As the Offering Manager in Enterprise DevOps for Z, he is responsible for driving IBM's strategy, vision and client engagement for a wide variety of integrated capabilities, specifically in the area of cloud native developer experience and Enterprise Modernization.



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