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Into to z/OS Part 2


This forms part 2 of the intro to z/OS series. You may have heard of IBM’s flagship mainframe operating system but don’t have an overall picture of how the major pieces fit together? Or maybe you are focused on another operating system, but want to know more about what this z/OS thing is all about? Learn what differentiates z/OS from other OSes and how z/OS handles: virtual storage, work management and execution, and I/O. Learn about data sets and how are they accessed, how users and programs interact with it and much, much more


Stream: 101
Room: Suzuka
Time: 10:15 - 11:15


  • Stephen Warren at IBM
  • Steve is a Senior Technical Staff Member working at the IBM Poughkeepsie, NY USA laboratory as a z/OS Client Architect, helping IBM Z clients modernize their workloads and processes,as well as enabling z/OS to be a cloud-centric platform.  He is also the creator of the z/OS BCPii and z/OS Client Web Enablement Toolkit z/OS components and still acts as an advocate for both.  Steve is a seasoned presenter, and frequently presents at conferences around the world about a variety of topics related to z/OS.  



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