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Paul Carruthers


Paul Carruthers has worked with the Mainframe platform at IBM, and various other companies, since 1987, gaining a large amount of experience in installing, customising, and rolling out base CICS Transaction Server and associated software tooling ( both IBM & non-IBM ). He joined IBM in January, 1998, working within the Outsourcing division and in September, 2002, moved into a technical pre-sales role within Software Group focusing on CICS Transaction Server. He began working with IBM's Decision Management solutions in 2009, utilising both Business Event and Business Rule progressing until 2016. His current role involves working primary with 3270 Session Manager's, zStorage ( Cloud Tape Connector / Advnaced Archive for DFSMShsm ) and CICS development labs to develop and enhance their products as well as working directly with Customers to assist them, at both a technical and business level, in positioning and migration. Paul is currently a member of a small technical pre-sales European System z team.


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