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John Butterweck

Compuware UK Ltd

Name:  John Butterweck                                               

 Company:  Compuware

Joined Compuware in December 2017 as technical Solution Consultant assisting customers with product demonstrations, product installations and proof of concepts.  Main focus is on the product COPE.

Company: IBM

Joined IBM in 1987 as a Professional Hire into the Professional Services Organization performing various system programming tasks on a contract basis.  

Joined IMS Product Technical Support, Silicon Valley Laboratory, IBM in 1992 specializing in IMS version to version migration, IMS packaging, installation and maintenance, in addition to working in the systems area of IMS.                       

Project leader of the team responsible for the product packaging of IMS and the IMS Enterprise Suite.            

Author and presenter of the IMS Installation Workshop. 

Company:   San Bernardino County

Prior to joining IBM worked for San Bernardino County as a Computer Operator, IMS application programmer, IMS DBA and System Programmer


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