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Paul Read


I am a program manager responsible for running the IBM Watson (cognitive computing) programs for IBM BetaWorks. I manage our involvement with the Watson Developer Cloud Platform and help to recruit new developers, entrepreneurs, and Business Partners into the beta programs. I create & manage education and recruitment classes for the cognitive computing services and SDK, to engage developers with Bluemix and the Cloud Foundry on the Watson Developer Cloud. I provide technical consultancy for the IBM Watson cognitive computing services and SDK during the beta program.   Paul is a Product Introduction Manager with over 30 years' experience in application and system development & management. Paul is the lead EMEA technical professional for Information Management products on the distributed platforms in the Software Group BetaWorks team. He runs the beta and early support programs for Information Management software and the Watson Platform. He has also provided technical consultancy for the Information Management software products across all platforms. He also runs training classes for his products. He has written books, blogs and tutorials on RDBMS's, SQL, XML and programming.


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