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When we start automating things we generally start to write (and maintain) code to do our automation.
As the famous book “The Tao of Programming” teaches us : "Though a program be but three lines long, someday it will have to be maintained.”
To maintain our code we need a proper version management system. This session will cover the basic of a version management system that is widely used among our distributed friends, but is also available for our precious Mainframe: GIT
This session will cover the basics of the GIT versioning system, how it compares to the (probably) better know systems like Endevor and how it’s being used ‘out there’.
During the presentation you’ll see how GIT can be used as a ‘distribution’ tool and how to install it on The Mainframe.
Some ‘caveats’ of using an ASCII tool on an EBCDIC system will be explained. (spoiler alert: it’s not that bad)
If the demo-gods allow it, there will be live demos of using GIT on a Mainframe environment (if not you will have to watch the pre-recorded demos).
Also some very interesting use-cases of using GIT on the mainframe will be shared with the audience.
They won’t leave the room becoming a GIT-ninja but they'll most definitely be able to throw some punches afterwards :)



Stream: System Automation, Monitoring and Analytics
Room: Magny Cours
Time: 13:00 - 14:00


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  • Henri Kuiper at zDevOps

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  • Henri Kuiper at zDevOps

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