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Resli Costabell

Resli Costabell won the world championship in Creative Thinking at the 2014 Mind Sports Olympiad, and later was awarded the title International Master of Creative Thinking. She is an award-winning international speaker, trainer, and coach. Resli specializes in applying the art and science of psychology, and you’re welcome to follow along for free at Resli’s clients and assignments are wide-ranging; she has taught group dynamics to IBM, coaching to Procter & Gamble, and presentation skills to Disney. Resli has delivered GSE keynotes on topics such as Motivating & Influencing; Credibility, Confidence & Charisma; and Dealing With Difficult People. She works all over the world… basically, wherever they’ll pay her to go. Resli loves working with mainframers. Truly. She loves their values, their quirky humour, their intelligence, and their enduring appreciation of Dilbert and Monty Python.


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