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Parwez Hamid

Independent Consultant

Parwez Hamid was an Executive IT Consultant with the IBM Server and Technology Group and a Technical Staff member of the IBM UK Technical Council. During the past 45 years he has worked in various IT roles within IBM. Since 1988 he worked with many IBM mainframe clients, mainly introducing new technology. Recently, he worked as a Consultant for
System Z in IBM Poughkeepsie and provided Technical Support for the IBM System z hardware product portfolio. Parwez co-authored ITSO Redbooks publications and he prepared technical material for the worldwide announcement of System Z. Parwez worked with System z product development in Poughkeepsie and provided input and feedback for future product plans. Parwez taught and presented at numerous IBM user group
and internal conferences. He was an instructor for the ITSO Worldwide Workshops.


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