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Peter Enrico


Peter Enrico has strong and diverse experience with the IBM zArchitecture platforms, and a solid background in z/OS, Workload Manager, Parallel Sysplex, UNIX System Services, and WebSphere e-business performance. Peter also has extensive experience measuring, analyzing, and tuning z/OS systems, Sysplexes, and subsystems. Peter's abilities extend beyond just performance. He is considered a highly qualified and effective communicator and seminar instructor. He teaches on a wide array of topics including Workload Manager, WebSphere for z/OS, basic MVS performance, Parallel Sysplex, UNIX System Services, and much more. His classes include 'WLM Performance and Re-evaluation of Goals', 'Essential z/OS Performance Tuning', and his newest 'Parallel Sysplex Performance and Tuning’ class.


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