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Mainframe Hardware Overview


Introduction to IBM z hardware presented by Lena Rosch. She is GSE 101 stream co-chair and works within the hardware team at IBM UK. The session is aimed at people new to the mainframe space. You will learn about the fundamental strengths of mainframes and what makes them integral parts of the IT infrastructure. The session will answer why the z hardware architecture is the preferred platform for critical workloads by discussing the main characteristics of a mainframe including RAS (Reliability, Availability, Serviceability), Virtualization and Clustering. Additionally, topics such as CPC drawer design, processor design and I/O system structure will be covered. After this session you will have a good understanding of how the mainframe hardware architecture is designed to offer the highest RAS and what advancements are made so it stays the most trusted platform.

Stream: 101
Room: Suzuka
Time: 10:45 - 11:45


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  • Lena Rosch at IBM UK LTD.
  • Email:

  • Lena Rosch at IBM UK LTD.
  • Email:


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