GSE UK Virtual Conference 2021

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BMC Software Ltd

From core to cloud to edge, BMC delivers the software and services that enable over 10,000 global customers, including 84% of the Forbes Global 100, to thrive in their ongoing evolution to an Autonomous Digital Enterprise.

Our BMC AMI solutions draw on decades of expertise and innovation to leverage AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics to achieve a self-managing mainframe. BMC Compuware solutions, together with BMC AMI, enable cross-platform DevOps toolchain integrations, and improve quality, velocity, and efficiency to power innovation. With BMC AMI and BMC Compuware, organizations can accelerate innovation, optimize ecosystems, empower resilience, and harden security.

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Sponsored Sessions

4AB WIT Panel Discussion - TBC Resli Costabell
7AD IMS Dev Ops with IMS - Enable ROI within 1 year of adopting Dev Ops best practices Duane Wente
1AG ESWG Mainframe Fuzzing and Debugging Jake Labelle
2AH DB2 Squeeze Your Data with Db2:A History of compression Jim Dee
1AI ESWG Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste - Zero Trust in the Age of Covid Chris Perry
4AI DB2 Db2 Product Watch Colin Knight
2AJ DB2 Db2 Profiles Roberto Cason
4AJ AppDev Coding for fun, comparing REXX and COBOL Henri Kuiper
2AM AppDev Introducing DevOps - CI/CD, Automated Test - mainstreaming the Mainframe Hans Stern
7AM DB2 APPLCOMPAT, NULLID and Me Gareth Copplestone-Jones
3AN Batch/Workload Scheduling or System Automation, Monitoring and Analytics Streamlining Your Batch to use less time and CPU Kim Mortensen
8AN Skills & Learning Recruitment of new Z Talent Max Dahl
7AO LSWG Where are all the user exits active? Mike FitzGerald
6AP 102 Disk storage 102 - A local real world example (with a bit of GDPS) Simon Fairbourn
2AQ Linux on z How to connect Mainframe with Jenkins pipelines using USS Ilya Abnitski
K6 Keynote Conference Opening for 2nd Week Mark Wilson
K7 Keynote The Road to Digital Transformation is Paved with AIOps, SecOps, and DevOps John McKenny
6AS 102 RACF for sysprogs 102 Mark Wilson
6AT 101 z/OS Terminology Keith Sisson
LD Lunch & Learn Five Tips to Energize Your Next Presentation Glenn Anderson
K9 Keynote Where Next? Keeping the mainframe relevant at Next. Ian Thompson
2AZ DB2 Simplifying & optimizing Db2 end-to-end multi-platform performance analysis from a DevOps APM perspective Angelika Heinrich
LE Lunch & Learn SecOps, SOAR, and the Mainframe: Why is it so hard? Edward Shim
4BB AppDev AppDev credential managem Craig Hartwell
6BB 102 zOS program fetch, how programs are found for execution Keith Sisson
4BC AppDev Dynamic environment provision at Lloyds Banking Group Reg Wilkinson
7BE DB2 Automating DB2 Schema Change - A Practical Guide Julian Stuhler
5BE IMS Overview and best practises of tuning IMS data entry databases Anshul Agrawal
7BF ESWG Defending your mainframe against hackers, ransomware, and internal threats Trevor Eddolls
2BF DB2 Let my data go. Using z/osmf REST APIs to set your data free Meharban Meharban
6BF 101 How to start or improve mainframe DevOps using Open Source on Z? Ilya Abnitski
LF Lunch & Learn Mainstream the Mainframe with Automated CI/CD Pipelines and Shift Left Automated Testing Atul Bhovan
1BH ESWG RACF Monitoring & Reporting Robert Hansel
2BH DB2 DevOps Vs DBA Marcus Davage
3BI Batch/Workload Scheduling or System Automation, Monitoring and Analytics The Many Benefits of Proper Batch Initiation Kelly Vogt
3BJ Batch/Workload Scheduling or System Automation, Monitoring and Analytics Why visibility and surgical recovery is needed for true cyber resiliency Butch Rambish
6BJ zP&C XCF Auto-Magic Tuning Don Zeunert
KF Keynote Conference Wrap-Up Mark Wilson