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Luminex is a provider of mainframe data and connectivity solutions and is known for its industry-leading Mainframe Virtual Tape (MVT™) solutions based on the class leading Luminex Channel Gateway™ X (CGX).

Luminex MVT delivers enterprise class virtual tape solutions to mainframe enterprises, eliminating the need for physical tape, improving RTO and RPO, addressing the demand for lower operating costs while improving security, enabling archive and/or storage to the cloud and providing continuous availability for tape processing.

Luminex solutions are installed across all major industries worldwide and from entry-level to high-end mainframe environments. Our subject matter experts will provide end-to-end services for MVT solutions including presales, consulting, tape studies, throughput and capacity sizing through to comprehensive tape migration services.


•    MVT: Mainframe 32Gb/s virtual tape solutions

o   STM: Synchronous Tape Matrix

▪       Synchronous, block level replication

▪       Continuous availability solution for tape operations

o   Push Button DR

▪       Disaster recovery and testing with "push button"​ ease

o   CGSafe: Encryption and Key Management

▪       For data at rest and in flight

o   CloudTAPE: Enable cloud storage for mainframe tape

▪       Archive tape data to public and private cloud storage

o   TMIG: Unique, industry leading tape migration service

▪       Automated migration from other solutions

▪       Capable of data migration with no interruption of day-to-day operations

o   RansomProtect

▪       Protect your mainframe data from Ransomware attacks


•    MDI: Mainframe data integration & sharing

o   Multiple ETL models supported

o   Ready to deploy data integration options

▪       zKonnect: FICON-based integration with Kafka

▪       Data/Log offload to Splunk

▪       SLP integration

▪       CloudDATA: Transform and transfer data to public and private cloud

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Mainframe Virtual Tape:

Luminex’s industry leading mainframe virtual tape solution provides world-class performance with unsurpassed ease of use and flexibility.

With up to 32Gb/s per channel FICON, Luminex offers the fastest, most modern solutions on the market, making it an investment that will last through future infrastructure upgrades.

Added benefits include:

•      Highly flexible data protection architectures

o   Synchronous & Asynchronous data protection

o   Multi-site, multi-mode capable

o   Continuous availability for tape processing

o   Able to incorporate cloud archive/storage at any point

•      Improve RTO and RPO

•      Lower operating costs

•      Improve security, archive to the cloud, and provide ransomware protection

•      Eliminate the need for physical tape

With highly flexible deployment models, encryption, non-disruptive Push Button DR testing, VOLSER-level replication monitoring, wire-speed FICON and cloud storage, Luminex has continued to redefine what can, and should, be done to improve data protection, performance and availability for mainframe data.

Mainframe Data Integration (MDI) :

Luminex MDI takes a quantum leap in data accessibility by providing blazing transfer speeds that are orders of magnitude faster than current methods.

MDI’s superior performance offers both immediate and lasting benefits:

•       Up to +99% in cost savings vs. SFTP

•       Up to +73% in cost savings vs. FTP

•       Reduce transmission time by +95.6%

•       Zero security breaches

MDI makes it possible to share data instantly and on-demand both internally and across multiple platforms including public and private cloud. We provide cost-effective solutions that are inherently secure & ultra-efficient, empowering enterprises to reap big value from big data.

Sponsored Sessions:

Session Code Stream Title Speaker
7AB SMWG Modern Data Protection Methodologies Tim Reading
3AO Batch/Workload Scheduling or System Automation, Monitoring and Analytics Fast and simple mechanics to share MF data with external applications. Tim Reading
1BJ Appdev ISPF Master Class - Edit Macros Dan Dirkse