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Sponsor: Beta Systems Software Ltd

Beta Systems DCI Software AG is a leading provider of data centre intelligence solutions.

We create solutions that power the 'brain' of your company: the data centre. Our products for z/OS- , Linux-, Unix- and Windows environments control, automate, secure and document business-critical IT processes. The portfolio includes output management, job management, log management and mainframe access management solutions.

Beta Systems has been developing high-quality software products and solutions for the reliable and efficient processing of large quantities of data for over 35 years. Customers struggling with complex IT structures can automate, secure and streamline their business processes with products from Beta Systems, thus creating a more transparent and efficient IT infrastructure.

The product and consulting portfolio of Beta Systems DCI Software AG addresses the needs of mid-sized and large companies, IT service providers and public institutions that handle large quantities of sensitive data due to their size and/or business focus. We provide companies with high-performance, scalable solutions that maximize the operational reliability of their data centres. Our products and services allow our customers to improve their bottom line by automating their business processes. Consistently growing numbers of transactions, data volumes and ever-stricter compliance regulations place tough demands on the throughput and audit capabilities of the corporate IT landscape.

German-based sites include the Berlin head office and development centres in Cologne, Neustadt and Munich. Internationally, 18 subsidiaries and numerous partner companies form a network of excellence across the globe. Beta Systems generates about half of its turnover abroad.

Meet us @GSE UK Annual Conference 2021.

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Product: Symphony Product Generation

Output Management & Document Archiving

  • Workload Automation
  • Log Management
  • Quality Management
  • Access Rights Management
  • Service & Change Management
  • IT Operations Management



Sponsored Sessions:

Session Code Stream Title Speaker
3AR Batch/Workload Scheduling or System Automation, Monitoring and Analytics Are You Truly Optimizing Resiliency on IBM Z? Chris Taylor
5AR LSWG Eliminating Dangerous Installation Exit Code Bob Rogers
1AW MQ Imagine How Much You Can Learn Exploring MQ Statistics and Accounting Data Todd Havekost
3BA Batch/Workload Scheduling or System Automation, Monitoring and Analytics Enhanced IzWS - Scheduling faster, including open and cloud environments. Peter Koll
7BA LSWG Understanding PARMLIB for a successful IPL Mike FitzGerald