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MainTegrity Inc

MainTegrity® FIM+® the leader in File Integrity Monitoring for IBM mainframes.

  • Combat Ransomware attacks
  • Detect malicious Internal Threats that bypass other tools
  • Exploit Auto-Discovery for fast install and low admin
  • Point-in-time incident response and recovery
  • Comply with PCI/DSS, NIST, GDPR and banking resiliency
  • Integrate with Agile processes and DevOps toolchain
  • Enable Generational Change with modern tools

Take the Fast Path to z/OS Security, Compliance, Cyber Resiliency

Having and automated process to Protect > Detect > Analyse > Recover from malicious attacks is more critical than ever. MainTegrity FIM+ gives you the FAST PATH to the best security, compliance and recovery tools available.

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