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ZETALY's mission is to bring greater visibility to our customers mainframe environments by creating links between business, IT and financial data. ZETALY platform, an Observability Solution, consists of four independent solutions, all accessible from a single interface:

  • ZETALY Automated Capacity (FinOps)
  • ZETALY Cost Control (FinOps)
  • ZETALY Service Intelligence (AIOps)
  • ZETALY Resource Planning (Predictive Analytics)

ZETALY simplifies access to strategic mainframe information for IT teams with its plug-and-play approach, and it also appeals to other users and business stakeholders with its ease of use.

With ZETALY prepare your Mainframe for the relentless digitalization. Keep Calm & Observe, we are taking care for you!

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Product: ZETALY Service Intelligence (ZSI)

ZETALY Service Intelligence (SI) is a Mainframe Operations Analytics solution designed for simplicity. It offers the opportunity to leverage operational data for system performance optimization.

  • Analyze quickly CICS & Db2 activity & performance
  • Understand CPU & memory usage
  • Manage storage & datasets with ease
  • Analyze your WLM priorities
  • Optimize LPAR configuration & cache usage



Product: ZETALY Automated Capacity (ZAC)

ZETALY Automated Capacity adjusts automatically and dynamically your defined capacity levels to ensure the best quality of service.

By load balancing your MSUs between LPARs and CPCs, you can make sure your production LPARs always have the capacity they require to answer business needs.



Product: ZETALY Cost Control (ZCC)

ZETALY Cost Control is an analytics solution designed to control the financial impact of your mainframe. Through a modern, easy-to-use interface, the solution gives you instant visibility of your costs to help you make informed decisions.

  • See the costs of your current production in near real time
  • Understand cost factors, trends and distribution between software
  • Assess the impact of business activities on mainframe costs
  • Automate chargeback reporting for internal and external customers
  • Track your mainframe budget and prevent overruns
  • Keep an eye on your contractual commitments to stay within budget



Sponsored Sessions:

Session Code Stream Title Speaker
3AU Batch/Workload Scheduling or System Automation, Monitoring and Analytics 10 tips to reach Mainframe Operational Excellence (or not)! Melissa Leroy
6BG zP&C Take back control of your Mainframe budget Brian Hoare