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Create a z/OS instance in a coffee break


Stream: Becketts
Time: 14:00 - 15:00


Want a z/OS instance for rapid dev/test cycles, or agile function delivery ahead of deploying on-prem?
Charged hourly, to keep the costs down?
In this session you'll learn how to achieve this using Wazi-aaS in IBM Cloud: how to set up an IBM Cloud account for you or your team; how to create a virtual private cloud and secure the resources inside it; and how to create and connect to a z/OS instance.
Use it for dev/test cycles, or even team education.


  • Dr. Chris Poole at IBM UK LTD.
  • Dr. Chris Poole is a Master Inventor in IBM's Hursley development lab, working on IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Containers. He's also a maintainer of the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Fabric REST Server, and develops IBM Blockchain. Prior to this, he worked in the IBM CICS development team, working on asynchronous APIs, DevOps tooling, and Cloud platforms. He's also worked in the IBM API Connect development team, and has developed software to administer DataPower appliances. He holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics.



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