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Snakes, Security and Saving Time


Stream: Melbourne
Time: 12:00 - 13:00


Have you ever needed to whip-up an ad hoc report on some of your RACF definitions? Having 'bother' with sharing your CARLa reports in a format 'consumable' by your peers? Spending hours (sometimes if not days) to get the correct 2-pass and then tediously copy/pasting to Excel to further process the data? After this session you'll have all the tools at your disposal to reduce the time (and effort) required to create (actionable) insight from your RACF database.

During this session, Henri will explain how (and why) this Open Source Project came to be, how you can use to your advantage 'back at the shop' and, demo-gods willing will showcase it during a live demo. 


  • Henri Kuiper at zDevOps
  • Henri Kuiper is a pre Y2K Mainframe junkie. Started taking apart computers at a very young age (BBC Micro's Anyone?) and never stopped his love for 'taking things apart' (and mostly putting them back together too). He's Technical Coordinator for the Dutch region of Guide Share Europe, IBM Champion for z Systems, owner of pro-deo teacher at '' (teaching primary school kids how to program) and loves all things IT :)



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