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Zigi The ISPF Git interface for the rest of us


Stream: Becketts
Time: 15:00 - 16:00


At the previous 'in-person' GSE-UK conference (2019) the lucky few who attented the ZIGI session were witness to the actual launch (I remember actually setting the GitHub Repo for ZIGI from private to public during the session) of ZIGI V1R0 :)

Since then a lot has happened. During this session, you'll hear all about what all happened since, and get a view on what ZIGI has to offer these days. It will shed some insight in 'Open Source Development' for the z/OS platform and if anything it will give you a good overview on where one could (or should) position ZIGI .


  • Henri Kuiper at zDevOps
  • Henri Kuiper is a pre Y2K Mainframe junkie. Started taking apart computers at a very young age (BBC Micro's Anyone?) and never stopped his love for 'taking things apart' (and mostly putting them back together too). He's Technical Coordinator for the Dutch region of Guide Share Europe, IBM Champion for z Systems, owner of pro-deo teacher at '' (teaching primary school kids how to program) and loves all things IT :)



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