GSE UK Conference 2018

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Networking Opportunities & Dinner


Conference Networking Opportunities
The Conference Dinner

Conference Networking Opportunities

Attending a conference like the GSE UK Conference is not just attending sessions and learning about the new and exciting things that are happening in IT today.  Just as important is the opportunity to meet and discuss your problems and issues with other delegates, vendors and speakers many of whom are experts in their field.  We provide a number of opportunities to do just this.

Chief among these are the Monday evening BBQ and the Tuesday evening Conference Dinner.  At both events there will be a free bar for wine, beer and soft drinks. This will start at 18:30 on both evenings for one hour.  This will then be followed by the BBQ or the Conference Dinner at 19:30.

On the registration form you were given the option to attend the BBQ and/or dinner.  If you didn’t take the option and would now like to attend please contact or the GSE Registration Desk on the day.

The other networking opportunities are:

  • Monday @ 15:15 - Afternoon Tea.
  • Tuesday @ 12:45 - Buffet Lunch.
  • Tuesday @ 16:00 - Afternoon Tea.
  • Wednesday @ 09:00 - Breakfast Break
  • Wednesday @ 13:00 - Buffet Lunch
  • Wednesday @ 15:00 - Afternoon Tea.

This is your conference. Seize the opportunities to learn from and network with IT professionals and take back to your companies the knowledge you have gained.  But above all ENJOY the experience.

The Conference Dinner

If you told us during the registration process that you want to attend the BBQ and/or the dinner then there will be the image of fireworks for the BBQ and a dinner plate for the dinner on your badge.  If you don’t have these symbols on your badge and would now like to attend the dinner please see someone at GSE Conference Reception Desk.  Conversely, if you do have these images on your badge and will now not be able to attend please also let someone at the GSE Conference Reception Desk know as we will keep a wait list of those wanting to attend.

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