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SMT Data

SMT Data has developed a unique software solution (ITBI) that collects, aggregates and processes enormous amounts of technical data from the company’s IT-infrastructure.

IT Business Intelligence – (ITBI for zOS and ITBI for Servers) provides transparency into the relationship between IT capacity costs and business activities, and helps you control expenditure and improve operational performance.

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Product: ITBI for Z


IT Business Intelligence for z/OS (ITBI™ for z/OS supports capacity management and performance analysis for z/OS. ITBI gathers log data such as SMF (System Management Facility), RMF (Resource Measurement Facility) and others.

An advanced business intelligence analytics tool allows the customer to analyse and understand the data in order to reduce capacity related costs, improve performance and improve availability.

ITBI includes extensive standard reports and a rich end user tool for building own reports, allowing customers to quickly identify cost drivers, performance bottlenecks and changes that have impacted cost or quality of service. The technical data can be enriched with business dimensions, allowing the customer to create transparency into the relationship between capacity costs and applications, business units or business activities. This mapping can form the basis of activity-based costing.

ITBI ensures clear fact-based communication between IT operations and the rest of the organization including software development, IT finance, vendor management, and business units. For outsourced customers, ITBI provides a unique ability to understand and optimize capacity costs and quality of service.

ITBI is normally delivered as a cloud-based solution – ITBI as a Service – but can also be installed on a Windows server in the customer’s environment. ITBI supports analysing performance and capacity data from z/OS, WLM, CICS, DB2, IMS, WAS, MQ, DCOLLECT, and more.

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Sponsored Sessions:

Session Code Stream Title Speaker
4AD CICS CICS Update from Hursley Mark Cocker
2AE 101 Intro to z/OS Stephen Warren
6AI zP&C The Journey to Tailored Fit Pricing Steven Thomas
6AK zP&C What's The Use? Martin Packer
4AN CICS z/OS Connect EE - monitoring and performance tuning Mark Hiscock
6AO zP&C Managing and optimizing workloads in a consumption based world Chris Walker
6AU zP&C Mainframe Performance Tuning Mary Solomon
7AV CICS CICS performance, monitoring, and statistics: Making sense of all the numbers Dan Zachary
8BB Linux on z Manage your z/VM systems and your private on-prem Cloud with zPRO James Vincent