GSE UK Virtual Conference 2023

Mainframes are MAD - Modern, Adaptable, Diverse

Sponsor: Mooody Cow

MooodyCow are technology integrators, specialising in management consultancy, technical professional services and innovative, disruptive technology. MooodyCow have a keen eye on the mainframe space, with a team of over 70 mainframe system programmers with varying levels of expertise, seniority and a plethora of abilities. Our 'MooodyCowZ' have experience in government departments, financial institutions and renowned retail organisations.


Our resources ensure transactions, warehousing information and other data, flows instantaneously and without interruption. They conduct projects under the management of MooodyCow, and fill the skills gaps and resources shortages within an organisation. Our flexible model also allows clients to better control costs while still providing the necessary support for the business. 

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