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CCA Software

CCA Software ( has helped organisations across the globe for over 30 years to drive early realisation of business value and solve their modernisation challenges. We are part of the global Freesoft group and partner with organisations around the world to deliver innovative solutions. Our head office is in Melbourne, with sales offices in Sydney and the United Kingdom.

CCA Software is recognised as a leader in data replication and integration solutions, with specialist implementation expertise. Our offerings consist of modern solutions across data replication and synchronisation, data integration and migration, and application and integration development and testing.

Our specialist consultants, in conjunction with our partners, guide organisations through a low-risk, agile, incremental modernisation journey to unlock and connect data from legacy platforms in near real time, resulting in having the same data across many platforms within seconds.

We have a proven track record locally and globally in providing solutions for the successful delivery of data-driven application and data modernisation for enterprises and government organisations on premises and on public clouds.

Our mainframe and data heritage, coupled with our extensive experience in data integration and data sharing across modern and emerging technology platforms, means we understand the business challenges involved, and know how to solve them.

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