GSE UK Conference 2018

Better, stronger, faster; The Mainframe….. the Machine!

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Conference Keynote Sessions

Conference Opening
Monday 5th: 12:30

Mark Wilson

Open Innovation and Attracting the Next Generation of Developers and Architects to the Mainframe
Monday 5th: 17:50

Jean-Louis Vignaud

Conference Opening
Tuesday 6th: 09:00

Mark Wilson

Your Skills, Your Brand, Your Career
Tuesday 6th: 09:15

Paul Martynenko

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!
Tuesday 6th: 17:35

Denise Mortimer

Wednesday 7th: 08:00

Lubomir Cheytanov

The seven ages of mainframe
Wednesday 7th: 08:30

Keith Banham

Conference Lunch & Learn Sessions

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