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Ts and Cs


GSE Statutes and Policies including the GSE Privacy Policy
Hotel reservations.
Conference bookings

GSE Statutes and Policies including the GSE Privacy Policy

The GSE Statutes and Policies can be seen at the bottom of

The GSE Privacy Policy that descibes how we will handle your personal data is included in the GSE Policies document but is held as a seperate document at

Hotel reservations.

Hotel reservations.

GSE will act as an intermediary between you and Whittlebury Hall to reserve accommodation on your behalf. The accommodation will be in the Whittlebury Hall itself or in the Whittlebury Park annexe.

Although GSE act on your behalf to make the booking the arrangement is directly between you and the hotel. You are responsible for payment to the hotel on checkout as normal.

The details of your hotel reservation can be found by logging on to My GSE and using the My Details - Hotel Reservation tab. Please check this carefully to ensure it meets with your requirements; you are able to change your reservation if you wish on this page up to one week before the conference.

If you have any questions please contact us, see the Contacts tab. There is more detailed information about the hotel, prices etc. on the Hotel Info tab.

You are of course at liberty to make your own accommodation arrangements; there is a list of alternative accommodation available in the Hotel Info tab. In this case of course GSE can take no responsibility for the arrangement or for transport etc.

Changing or cancelling a hotel reservation.

In the event that you need to cancel your reservation or make changes during the week prior to the conference you will be subject to the hotel's standard terms and conditions. However you should contact GSE in the first instance as we will be able to arrange the change and may well be able to find someone else to take your room in the event of a cancellation. The hotel staff have been asked not to take instruction except through GSE.

Please note that no shows will be treated as late cancellations and the entire hotel fee will be due.

Conference bookings

Conference registrations.

Conference registrations are all made through the GSE conference website; see the Registration tab. You will receive an automated e-mail shortly after you have registered with a link to log on to (or register for) My GSE in order to check and confirm your registration and hotel reservation if any. Please check this carefully to make sure that it meets your requirements and also that your contact details are complete and correct. Limited changes may be made on the My Registration page, however if in doubt please e-mail us at

After checking your details please tick the box on the My GSE home page to confirm you have done so.

Changing or cancelling a conference booking

If you wish to change or cancel your conference booking please contact GSE as soon as possible and we will ensure the changes are made with the minimum inconvenience to both parties.

If you had paid for your registration then cancellations during the final week will be subject to an admin fee of £20 + VAT. No refunds can be made after midnight on the day before the conference.

Please note that no shows will be treated as a cancellation after the conference had begun and no refund will be made. Further if a voucher had been used then there will be a charge of £50 per day made to cover our expenses, unless exceptional conditions apply. For this reason it is vital that you contact GSE as soon as you know your plans may be changing.



Vouchers for free or discounted admission to the conference are issued to member companies, exhibitors and sponsors and certain individuals by means of voucher codes. Each voucher code may be used by one person for the whole conference or separate people for one or more days.  A voucher code can be entered on page 2 of the conference registration process.

Voucher codes grant free admission to the conference up to the end of the early bird period. From then until one week prior to the conference voucher codes grant admission at half the normal members' rate, i.e. currently £75 per day inc VAT. During the final week before the conference vouchers are no longer accepted.

For more information about vouchers, the dates of the early bird period etc. and the costs of attendance please see "The Conference" tab.

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