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Innovation Data Processing

For over forty years, Innovation Data Processing has set the standard for innovative, high performance, low overhead products.

The FDR/ABR Dasd Management Family is a well-established Backup/Recovery, Archiving, Reporting and Reorganisation product range.

FDRPAS is our high performance non-disruptive Dasd migration system; FDRMOVE

provides a safe and effective way to perform Dasd consolidations.

VSAM performance aid IAM continues to be enhanced over time and supports easy-to-use Lpar- and Sysplex-wide Record Level Sharing. Latest enhancements include a Dynamic Reorg process which allows files to remain accessible from CICS while they are being reorganised.

Tape copy/migration utility FATSCOPY makes it easy to move data from traditional tape to VTS, or between VTS systems, either tape-based or tape-less.

FDREPORT is a unique, powerful one-pass report generator for Dasd and other data and can be extended further by FDRViEWS, allowing data to be displayed in graphical and spreadsheet form.

Our UPSTREAM product range extends Innovation’s Backup and Recovery expertise into the world of Distributed Processing, providing a powerful range of facilities.

Finally, our new CLOUDVTB product allows you to copy and move data from z/OS tape to corporate or internet cloud.

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