GSE UK Conference 2018

Better, stronger, faster; The Mainframe….. the Machine!

IBA Group CP

At L3C we specialize in protecting your heritage environments (whether on Unix or IBM i) and enabling your future through our Linux expertise (whether on Z, IBM Power or x86). Our AI/ML Cloud platform is the first of its kind in the UK, supporting all the major frameworks and libraries (as well as allowing you to bring your own) and allows you to utilize larger data models and higher resolution images with faster data transfer. With our AI/ML Cloud you can process more data and train models quicker while maintaining cost effectiveness.

The IBM Gold Partner and international service provider IBA Group operates in 12 countries with over 2,500 employees. The IBA Group’s service portfolio ranges from mainframe software and SAP to analytics, cloud, and robotics. IBA Group stands out because of its ability to implement complex projects that involve an array of platforms and technologies.

At GSE 2018, come and see our APPULSE centralized support platform that provides continuity for business applications running on z/OS servers. APPULSE ensures early problem detection and resolution, using AI for solution generation.

L3C and IBA Group can solve your cloud/hosting infrastructure needs and complement your teams with Middleware, Application, SW development and support services, forming a key part of your cost reduction and process simplification initiatives.