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Enterprise Performance Strategies, Inc

EPS Pivotor

Enterprise Performance Strategies, Inc. (EPS), creators of Pivotor® and led by Peter Enrico, specializes in the performance measurement, tuning, and capacity planning of z/OS system, Sysplex, and subsystem environments. Our team members specialize in z/OS performance and capacity planning, and have assisted in the optimization of hundreds of z/OS environments around the world and in every industry sector. No environment is too large or too small for us to make a positive impact.

Our products and services are divided up into three primary categories.

Performance Reporting

Pivotor® is a modern z/OS SMF data mining and reporting product and service. Pivotor is a cost effective reporting solution that provides daily / weekly / monthly / long term z/OS performance reports at a fraction of the cost of leading competitors. Our catalog of pre-built reports is expansive such that no other SMF reporting tool is needed.

Performance Consulting

Our z/OS performance war rooms are condensed onsite visits for a ‘roll-up-your-sleeves’ group analysis and discussion. Our war rooms are extremely productive, unique and cost-effective experiences, and highly recommended for any z/OS shop interested in performance optimization.

Performance Workshops

Our highly acclaimed z/OS WLM and Sysplex workshops are not just learning experiences. Our students will spend time conducting an actual analysis of their own environment using their own data. Every student will have the opportunity for post-class follow-up phone calls with the instructors to further discuss their specific environment and the recommended changes.