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Better, stronger, faster; The Mainframe….. the Machine!

Model9 Software

Model9 - Mainframe Storage Unlocked

Model9 Backup and Recovery for Mainframe is the first and only software-defined data protection solution for mainframe. It replaces all existing, costly, tape hardware (such as VTS, VTL, ATL) and tape management software, while running on zIIPs, providing end-to-end encryption and an easy to use web-based UI.

Model9 Backup and Recovery for Mainframe also provides these unique benefits:

  • Automatic recovery tests for making sure your data is always protected and ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Shorter backup window by using advanced backup technologies such as changed block tracking (CBT) and de-duplication
  • Simplifying daily operations with graphic reports and google-like search, enabling faster restores even by less experienced personnel