GSE UK Conference 2019

Dock into the Dark Side

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Conference Keynote Sessions

Conference Opening
Tuesday 5th: 09:00

Mark Wilson

Mainframe & Digital Transformation
Tuesday 5th: 09:30

Mark Howell

50 Years of Application Serving-What Will the Next 50 Years Bring?
Tuesday 5th: 20:45

Steve Wallin

Release the Power of the Mainframe Force
Wednesday 6th: 09:00

Greg Lotko

High Expectations: Our Systems Are Like (or Could Be Like) Airplanes
Wednesday 6th: 17:45

Mark Nelson

Thursday 7th: 08:00

Dave J Jeffries

Brown Bag Lunch & Learn: The Ins and Outs of Docker Micro-services on Mainframe
Thursday 7th: 14:00

David Helsley

Conference Lunch & Learn Sessions

Vanguard Lunch and Learn
Tuesday 5th: 13:00

Brian Marshall

Colesoft Lunch and Learn
Tuesday 5th: 13:00

Leanne Wilson

Lunch & Learn with Velocity Software: Real time z/OS performance data at a very low resource consumption!
Wednesday 6th: 12:45

Barton Robinson

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