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Dock into the Dark Side

Trident Services Inc

Trident Services has provided z/OS solutions and systems consulting services since 1978. Trident has established a solid reputation for the excellence of its software and the expertise of its consulting staff while continuing to keep pace with industry changes, emerging technologies and client needs.

z Operating System/Environment Manager is a powerful suite of software tools for the z/OS enterprise server environment. zOSEM provides a multitude of features for improved control, throughput and processing efficiency in a z/OS processing environment.

            zOSEM provides extensive controls for valuable enterprise server resources. Throughput management is implemented using Policies to define Enterprise Standards.           

            zOSEM provides full support for Batch Resource routing including Step Level Routing and other control functions contained in the "Mellon Bank Mod" or SHARE JES2 Modifications.

            zOSEM provides an easy to use DFSMShsm Optimizer which dramatically improves performance in the DFSMS storage environment.

            These zOSEM functions can assist in reducing ISV and IBM MLC costs.

            zOSEM eliminates the time and expense of developing, testing and implementing system modifications is eliminated. The need for production IPL's when adding or modifying exits or SVC's is also eliminated.