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Virtually Unstoppable


Model9 modernizes mainframe data management and business intelligence in enterprises to help them benefit from cloud economics and accelerate the adoption of hybrid cloud technologies. Its patented software-only technology securely delivers mainframe data to any cloud or on-premises storage platform, eliminating physical and virtual tape alike, and enabling secure integration with advanced analytics tools. Model9 is trusted by the world's leading financial institutions, government agencies, and transportation companies. Model9 is an IBM Business Partner, as well as an AWS Technology Partner.

With Model9 Cloud Data Manager for Mainframe organizations can:

  • Monetize unlocked mainframe data, current and historical, for use by BI and cloud analytics tools
  • Leverage the latest cloud technology to replace proprietary tape with cloud or open storage systems
  • Cut costs by offloading data management processing to zIIP engines, reducing MSU consumption by 90%, consolidating software licenses, and utilizing cheaper storage platforms
  • Accelerate and simplify mainframe data migration to cloud

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