GSE UK In-Person Conference 2024

Mainframe@60: The Diamond Anniversary of Digital Dominance

Session Abbreviations and cell Colours

Session Abbreviations and Cell Colours ... What they mean.

The conference agenda contains agenda items in a matrix 6 sessions wide and over 30 rows.  Each cell in this matrix is one agenda item.  It is coloured and in some cases uses abbreviations to denote the working group arranging and presenting this agenda item.   The following table explains the abbreviations and colour code...

Stream Abbreviation Chair Agenda
101 101 Harvi Singh  
Large Systems Working Group LSWG Anna Shugol  
Linux on z Linux on Z David Austin  
Storage Management Working Group SMWG Nigel Morton  
Network Management Working Group NMWG Niall Buchanan  
Enterprise Security Working Group ESWG Jamie Pease  
CICS CICS Rob Stroud  
IMS IMS Dominic Jackson  
DB2 DB2 Marcus Davage  
MQ MQ Melvyn Maltz  
Capacity & Performance Management zCMPA Piara Singh Bhamra  
Application Development AppDev Stuart Ashby  
Batch Workload Scheduling Batch Workload Scheduling Anna Dawson  
System Automation, Monitoring and Analytics System Automation, Monitoring and Analytics Anna Dawson  
New Technologies New Technologies Sophie Green  
Mainframe Skills & Learning Mainframe Skills & Learning Ian Skellern  
Women in IT Women in IT Aileen Wynne  
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