GSE UK Conference 2023

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Student Attendance

University and 6th Form College Student Attendance

GSE is pleased to announce that we are making special arrangements to welcome students to our annual conference again this year. The main elements of these are; -

  • A dedicated “101” stream filled with presentations for those new to a particular subject area.
  • Conference fee waived for students: this includes admission to the conference and the associated exhibition and social events including the drinks reception and dinners.
  • The conference fee is also waived for an accompanying Head of Faculty, Lecturer, or Tutor.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses of up to £150 per student for up to 10 students from a university or college.  

UK university students who wish to take advantage of this offer should register in the normal way (once registration opens) using their UK university email address and select "Student" in the delegate category drop-down at the bottom of the first page.  This should zeroise any conference fees.

Students from 6th Form colleges and universities outside of the UK should send an email to with an attached note from your form tutor, lecturer, or Head of Faculty to verify you are a student.  If there is going to be more than one person applying from a school, college, or university please send a joint application.  Voucher codes will then be sent to the verifier to allow the student to register free of charge.

Tutors, Lecturers, or Heads of Faculty wishing to accompany their students should first contact to obtain a voucher code that will allow them to register free of charge.

To claim travel and accommodation expenses send copies of the supporting receipts and account info to be credited to

More information about the conference and the agenda can be found on these pages but if you have any questions please contact

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