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Sponsor: PopUp Mainframe

Empowering mainframe businesses to deliver changes faster, cheaper and better with on-demand environments for Dev and Test.


PopUp Mainframe is a cutting-edge mainframe modernisation product. It enables customers to create ephemeral mainframe environments and deploy them anywhere, including in the cloud. PopUp brings modern tools and agile ways of working to z/OS Dev & Test environments.


PopUp revolutionises your z/OS SDLC by:

  • Removing test environment blockers to accelerate delivery
  • Cutting costs with commoditised x86 hardware
  • Using standard DevOps toolchains and pipelines to manage z/OS test environments
  • Spinning up z/OS test environments on-prem or in the cloud
  • Ensuring your PopUp in Dev and Test looks EXACTLY the same as your z/OS in production. (You can install any z/OS subsystem or bespoke application on PopUp.)


PopUp is a game changer for organisations which rely on mainframe as it removes the bottlenecks surrounding mainframe environments and finally allows mainframe projects to be fully agile! 


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