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Chairmen's Corner


Chairman's Duties
Provide your Chairman's Session Feedback via the website.
GSE Rules & Regulations

Chairman's Duties

Before/At Start of Session

  • Check that the room notice is correct
  • Check the projector with yours or the speakers laptop
  • Check whether speaker will take questions during or after the presentation
  • Check whether handouts are already on the GSE web site. If not ask speaker if he is going to provide handouts for the conference website. Modify your announcement about the handouts in the Session Introduction accordingly.
  • Check whether the speaker wants a timing reminder countdown at 10 mins & 5 mins to go towards the end of his presentation

Session Introduction

  • Announce to the audience which stream (e.g. IMS) and session they are in (giving the session code – if the have been changes in the programme locate the correct session code from your own comment form and tell the audience what it is.)
  • Remind audience of a few rules - e.g. turn your phones/pagers to silent, not to use noisy keyboards, etc.
  • Tell the audience that this year they have a choice in the ways they can provide feedback:  paper feedback forms; or online via the conference website.  After the session go to (where nn is the session code in uppercase), follow the link from the session abstract page or complete one of the paper feedback forms and return to the chair after the session; 
  • Explain that the best answer for Question 1 is 5 rather than 9!
  • We would prefer that delegates use the online method as it saves us having to enter the information ourselves and therefore quicker to provide the results.  
  • There is a prize draw of session forms returned at the end of each day beit on paper or online!  This year they are a xxx and a yyy.
  • Introduce the speaker
  • Let audience know speaker's preference for questions
  • If the handouts are available or will be available from the conference website:
    • Remind audience that handouts will be available.

 Hand over to the speaker

During session

  • Check for violation of GSE rules (e.g. marketing activities and/or prices given - see GSE Rules and Regulations - Code of Conduct below)
  • Ensure speaker is made aware if time is getting tight
  • Count the number of attendees and record the information on the Chair Feedback form or on this webpage.

End of session

  • Assist speaker in taking questions
  • Thank the speaker and lead the "round of applause"
  • Give speaker his/her thank you gift
  • Remind audience to complete feedback for the appropriate session code and that there is a daily prize draw!
  • Complete GSE Chairman feedback form using either the paper form or the website form.  Return the paper forms if you have used one to the registration desk (These can be collected and handed in at the end of each day).

Provide your Chairman's Session Feedback via the website.

It is now possible for the chair of a session to provide their feedback via the website as long as they have a userid and password for the admin site by using the following link -  If you are already logged with the admin userid and password the system will take you to the feedback page, if not logged in you will be asked to login and then presented with the admin main menu. Select the 'Chairmans Feedback' from the left hand menu to go to the Chairman's feedback section.

GSE Rules & Regulations

Code of Conduct

6.1  The following Code of Conduct is adopted and shall govern the conduct of all Members, and attendees, in connection with all Association matters and activities.

6.2  Members, and attendees, must:

6.2.1  Conduct themselves and their activities in a professional manner marked by integrity and a spirit of fair play.
6.2.2  Refrain from engaging in any activity that would violate the proprietary rights of their employers, the Association, or any other person or organisation.
6.2.3  Abide by the Statutes and Policies of the Association.
6.2.4  Properly register and display appropriate credentials at Association activities.
6.2.5  Restrict the use of Association documents and other data to the purposes defined.

6.3 Members, and attendees, must not:

6.3.1  Engage in sales activity, including direct or indirect solicitation, or conduct any other activity contrary to the purposes of the Association.
6.3.2  Distribute any materials or post displays of any kind at Association activities without prior approval of the appropriate Officer.
6.3.3  Engage in any form of personnel recruiting or use Association facilities or resources to assist in such activity.
6.3.4  Use the Association's name, or membership lists, other than in the conduct of the Association's business. 

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